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Задай 4 вопроса человеку ,который умеет предсказывать будущее. какие 4 вопроса ты не хотел бы ему задавать?

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there are many cases in which animalstake in cubs that don't belong to them, oreven their species, like this adorable littlepig. but i have never seen a monkey taking sowell to a couple of tiger cubs before.after hurricane hannah ravaged thestate of south carolina, the tigers of one ofthe zoos started acting very aggressive andwere considered a danger to their young. sothese two white tiger cubs were separatedfrom their mother and adopted by a 2-yearoldchimpanzee. as you can see from the photo he really takesparenting seriously. i wonder how their relationship develops..

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a nice car-6

a new skateboard-2

a small bike-5

a big bike-4

an old mobile phone- 3


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our school is very beautiful. it is not small, but not very big. we have got 4 steps in it. on the first we have got a refectory and cloakroom.refectory   is rather comfortable and you can eat tasty breakfasts and dinners in it. cloakroom is new and very clean. on the second floor is a primary school. we have not got lessons where. on the 2 and 3 floors we have got our lessons. we have got 60 klassrooms. they are light , evrywear we have got computers.i like my school very much.

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дату своей смерти

дату смерти близких людей

когда будет конец света

как я буду выглядить в старости 

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когда и как я умру?

счастлива я буду по жизни?

добъюсь ли я успеха в карьере?

когда я потеряю своих близких?

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