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They said that the ) from german in 1989.

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a) helen's got a prestigious job

c) judy's going to adapt to the new conditions

e) ben's got access to the internet

просто тут несколько

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1. he lives in pushkin street.

2. they stayed in st. petersburg for five days.

3. we saw a lot of well-known pictures in this museum.

4. my father works from morning till late evening.

5. ann has never been to the tower of london before.

6. could you tell me how to get to westminister abbey?

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в первом лишнее he, так как это личное местоимение, остальные притяжательные

во втором ряде лишнее sea, так как это море, а остальное это города

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they saidthat the bookwas translated from germanin 1989.

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