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Объяснить фразу "one is never tired of painting, because you have to set down, not what you knew already, but what you have just discovered." на .прошу нужно

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[o: utem]






[' dзу: meni]

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last year my family and i went to the seaside. we spent two weeks in the crimea. we had the wonderful time at the seaside. most of all i liked the discos in the evenings. the music was fantastic. we danced a lot and ate ice cream in the cafe. i enjoyed the rest at the seaside very much. it was only a pity that two weeks were spent very quickly and we had to go home. i hope to go there again the following summer.

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the kremlin itslef wasn't called the fire. that was the name of the red square until 17th century because of numerous cases of fire that took place in and near kremlin and other neighbour buildings.

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Рисовать не устают, потому что ты выражаешь, излагаешь не то, что уже знал, а то, что только что узнал, прости ужасно вышло

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