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Write a letter to your pen-friend about the school you would like to study at

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1. in

2. in, for

3. of

5. from, till

5. to, of

6. to

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главное помнить, что в языке предложения имеют твёрдый порядок слов, т.е. каждый член в предложении имеет определенное место.

классическое простое предложение имеет следующий порядок:

1. подлежащее

2. сказуемое

3. дополнение

4. обстоятельство

используя эту незамысловатую схему, мы получаем следующее:

they learn how to add numbersand (здесь, возможно, даже наверняка, пропущенно слово! , еще раз ознакомьтесь с условием, возможно, вы его пропустили. если же нет, то мы сошлемся на ошибку и авторов и and в данном случае будет лишним.) to them.

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      many young people in britain have a gap year between school and university.they often spend a few months working and then use the money to travel.some of them have a working holiday ,earning money and visiting a foreing country at the same time.it's easy for young people to get jobs working in ski resorts in the winter ,or on farms ,picking  fruit in the summer and autumn.

some   people on a gap year do voluntary work, helping other people overseas.they have to pay for their plane tickets and they don't get money for their work,but while they are working,their food and accommodation are free.africa became a popular place for gap year students to work when britan's prince harry went there as a volunteer in 2004.he worked in lesotho with children whose parents have died.he also spent part of his gap year in australia where he worked on a farm.

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Dear oleg, i was very glad to hear from you again. sorry, i haven't written for ages because of my school activities. i think that my school is the best one. i love it very much. our teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly. but everybody has a dream. the dream about our new school - the school of the future. now i would like to tell you a few words about my ideal school. first of all if i were a headteacher of my school i would allowed everybody to have an opportunity to use one's phone. the second thing is our homework. so much of it! don't the teachers know that it is waste of time, our time and theirs. the next. our holidays. i would like to travel a lot. but when? our holidays must be a bit longer i think. and at last the equipment of our classrooms! what do we see? there are few computers which we can use. my dream is every classroom has ten and more new computers with internet. it's school of my dream. that's for me today. i have to go. best regards to your family.write soon. andrey

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