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Заполините пропуски last или latest 1.when did you see him ?

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1)have they readed the book?

2)has she seen the film?

3)has he met mr jackson?

4)has she had lunch?

5)has businessmen   arrived?

6)have i bought the castle?

7)have they   been to india?

8)has he been to england?

9)has she been to london?

10)have they been to moscow.

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mum wasn "t mowing the law.           это точно

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1) how many pupils in our form?

2) how many will be british girls and boys in barbara`s class this year?

3) does elizabeth like her new textbooks?

4) where are the girls from?

5) when did mike invite you to england?

6) why you were happy to get good marks in french?


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when did you see him last time?

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