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Какого слова не хватает 1) did peter go for his holidays? 2) did he travel? 3) did he visit his friends? 4) did he go abroad 5) did he see in paris 6) did he come back home? 7) did he stay in september? 8) at hotel did he stay? 9) days did he stay there? 10) was peter happy? за место 3 точек нужно 1 слова

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мужчины - the men

женщины - the women.

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1.i missed the bus this morning so i had to catch a taxi.

2.the train arrived at the station and we got on.

3.he hasn`t got much money and can`t get a taxi.

4.this is my stop.i have to get off.

5.how can i get to the railway station?

-you can get a trolley-bus or the underground.

6.hurry up! we`re going   to miss the train.

7.i was late so i caught a taxi.

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1) teddy's last holidays were very interesting. he was  in russia.  he traveled there by plane,by train and by car.

2) yesterday morning i walked a lot in the park.

3) there was no milk in the shop in the evening.

4) in summer we visited a lot of places in london.

5) did your sister play the piano when she was five?

6) did they help  their parents when they were on holidays?

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1)   where did peter go for his holidays?

2)   when/where did he travel?

3) when/why/where did he visit his friends?

4)    when  did he go abroad

5) what did he see in paris

6) when   did he come back home?

7)   why/ where did he stay in september?

8) at what hotel did he stay?

9) how many days did he stay there?

10) why was peter happy?


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