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Написати 10 речень на тему якби я була президентом if i were president

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we will get; i believe i will not reject; i will protect; i think i will not pass; i will set off

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11.00    it is 11 o'clock.

9.15        it’s a quarter past 9.

1.40        it’s 20 minutes to  2.

6.50          it’s 10 minutes to 7.

5.30        it’s half past  5.


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- hi anne how was your  literature lesson today ?

=it was just great ! i realy enjoy this lesson ! its one of my favarite! how about you david? do you like it? ?


-wait let me tell you how he likes it buy the way hi im jane daves sister !

-oh ! hi david didnt tell that he has a sister ! nice to meet you!

-nice to meet you too ! oh i was talking about him he is not a real fan of  literature but iam !

- ohh! how is your favarite writer?

-they are alot of them ! it takes too much time to count and tell them to you !

-i undrastand you ! do you know any thing about fameus russian writer pushkin !  

-yeah ! we just talked about him at last lesson! his one of my favarite though!

-girls arent you tired of these converscion?

- ohh ! sorry dave i already forget that you are here too!  



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how today to be remembered my pleasant instants carried out(spent) by the president in dream.did not pass also ten minutes that from me on a cheek has not flown to whom or from ministers.certainly it was a pity to me to upset them, but work of the president and need(requirement) of the country compelled to go for such extreme circumstances.the most pleasant was to feel a head of the chief of militia under the boot, a reptile, too to me the bribe taker.minister of culture, the person with a high level of spirituality was caught in a disco lighting, certainly of a corpse to get rid it was not too easy.and you see work easy would seem, that at the president, time of money all over the country should suffice, and not a little they direct the needs.and as at such disorder, down to the contrast of a direction of activity of personal work.so know friends, presidents too cry, is at them and the to mountain.to fill with all country, to watch(keep up) the order to one, not so that is easy.and suddenly i was woken by my favourite mum.

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