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Напишите рассказ (реальный или воображаемый) о ком-то от вашей семьи. на языке

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1. many people are afraidof    spiders.

2. my friend ali is really good at    english.

3. but he's very bad at    maths.

4. i am really interested in    nature programmes on tv.

5. my brother is keen on    collecting stamps.

6. i'm very proud of  improving my english.

7. i'm worried about  global warming and the environment.

8. this table is  next  to the window.

9. the box the table.

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1.do,want, want(глаголы чувственного восприятия типо видеть слышать нюхать не употребляются в континиусе)


3.do, leave( хотя в этой ситуации было бы логичнее употребить past simple- when did you leave your house? )

4.do you do,do

5.are singing, are singing

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last summer i was going for a walk with y friends. it was hot outside, but there was a little cloud in the sky. my mum told me to take an umbrella, but i didn't listened to her. 10 minutes later after i went outside it began to rain. then it was so hard,that i became very wet. so, i had to go back home and turn my clothes.

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возьми фото и   опиши   всю свою семью.лишних получи !  

this is my family.i have a mother,father,sister,grandmother and tow grandfathers.you can see my mother,father,sister and me on the photo.my mother's name is juliya.she is thierty-two! my father's name nick.he is thirty-eight.my sister's name liana.she is two.

and this is me.my namy is am ten.i am a pupil and i love my famely very mach.

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