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I)these are two long narrow corridors which are very important for the whole country. because mps come here to vote

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i think in kazahstan will be children was stronger and healthy.te air will a clean.the people use a computer`s preogramm.

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1)i know very good film about war.

2)recently i went on the fine musical

3)my grandmother likes to look detectives.

4)recently at a cinema there was an extremely topical film.

5)the actor left on  the bow.

как- то так)



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1. are

2. are

3. is

4. are

5. is

6. am

7. are

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перевести надо, или что?

эти два длинных узких коридора важны для всей страны, потому что сюда приходят члены парламента для голосования.

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