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What does it mean this word *referee* in english?

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a.my sister has  been studying  french since she left school.

b.john has been playing     tennis professionally for two years.

c.i am so tired because i  have been  tidying     the house all day.

d.look at that man.he has been standing      there for half an hour.

e.she has been crying    non-stop since she got his letter.

f.they  have been  sunbathing  since morning.


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hello,i ваше).i like to dance.i look like a funny person.i think that i am differ like other people.i like to read different books.in my spare time i always learn and read english words or books.it is very good for me.i collect coins(ну что ты там колекционируешь? )i have thirty one coins.(я обычно на счет этого вру.ахаха)it is easy.sometimes i go for a walk with my friends.i like to go to pool with my parents.i loke to do it in summer.and i do me homework every day,but it is not a hobby.



так пойдёт? =)

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  gold was discovered in california in 1848 by someone.

the discovery of gold  was made  in california in 1848.

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in some sports meets: too, as the judge.

"the judge" 

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