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Придумай и запиши четыре предложения по образцу. используй слова: farmhouse. bridge. garden. horse. образец: i can build a farmhouse.

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1. the school uniform originated in england  2. no, they don’t, some countries have nation policies  about school uniforms. 3. a  military-style uniform was introduced in  japan. 4. a  uniform was introduced in some countries for discipline. 5. the school uniform helps to  achieve equality of rights, so it becomes popular in the usa.
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local residents came to congratulate the winners of the.-местные жители пришли поздравить победителей.

the group of young men went to the trip.-группы пошли в поход.

social pedagogue quickly solved the problem.-социальный педагог быстро решил проблему

to stay in the sanatorium need help.-to stay in the sanatorium need help.-для пребывания в санатории нужна .

тo organize a holiday was easy.- организовать праздник было несложно.

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in the future i wish to be a mechanical engineer. it is the future profession which i wish to aspire for. the profession itself is very difficult, it requires the knowledge of the principles of physics, maternal sciences, which is used for analysis, of  design, of manufacturing, and of maintenance of mechanical systems.besides that is requires a general understanding of core concepts such as of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis.  mechanical engineers have to use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering  and product lifecycle management  to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport  systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices  and more.it is a job that requires the knowledge in many fields. and although it may be a hard one, i will work work and study hard to become a mechanical engineer!

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если нужно использовать только формулу " i  " , то:

i can build a farmhouse.

i can go across the bridge.

i can dig in the garden.

i can ride a horse.

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а если не надо с i can-то можешь написать ещо вот так

my grandpa has a very big farmhouse.

in londan is biulding a largest bridge.

in my garden grow many beautiful flowers.

my horse's name is snow-white.


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