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Написать начало разделительных вопросов. 't they? ..are they? …, don't they? ..can't she? he? ..aren't there? 't it? ..won't you? you?

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Г) анна иоанновна-1730 г б) елизавета i  - 1741г a) пётр iii -1761 г b) екатерина ii  -1762г
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my friend names dima. we are best friends. my friend is important for me because when i'm sad he is always there. in friends i value honestly and loyalty. i always play with my friend.

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a house of my dream

the main thing for me in the house of my dream is beauty and comfort. that’s what i imagine my future house to be. i dream to live in a private house somewhere in the quite suburb of the city. i will have an one-storey house with all the modern conveniences in it and a beautiful garden around it. there will be a kitchen, a bathroom, a living-room, a sitting-room, two bedrooms and a study where i will be able to work.

in the living-room of the house of my dream there will be a sofa, two armchairs, tv-set and a stereo-system. there will be a nice mild carpet of the light color on the floor. the walls will be covered with the light wallpaper to make you feel spaciously. a big standard -lamp will light the room.

in the study i would like to have a table with lots of drawers and a comfortable chair. there are going to be the shelves on the walls for books and different souvenirs. the notebook with internet is necessary to complete the ideal workplace. and also i want to rest in my study, so i would like to have a little sofa in the corner. i like pictures very much, so i perhaps will put some with beautiful landscapes on the wall. to make my study cozy i will put some flowers on the windowsill.

i want my kitchen to have all necessary modern equipment such as stove, refrigerator, mixer. i like when the cupboards don’t take much space and are elegant of design.

lots of beautiful plants and flowers will decorate the lawn in front of the house and many useful fruit-trees will


«дом моей мечты»

главное в доме моей мечты – это красота и удобство. вот каким я представляю себе свой будущий дом. я мечтаю жить в частном доме где-нибудь на тихой окраине города. у меня будет одноэтажный дом со всеми современными удобствами и красивым садом. там будет кухня, ванная, прихожая, гостиная, две спальни и кабинет, где я смогу работать.

в гостиной дома моей мечты будет стоять диван, два кресла, телевизор и стереосистема. на полу будет лежать симпатичный мягкий ковер светлого цвета. стены будут оклеены светлыми обоями, чтобы комната ощущалась просторной. большая люстра будет освещать комнату.

в кабинете я бы хотел иметь стол со множеством ящиков и удобный стул. на стенах будут полки для книг и сувениров. ноутбук с интернетом обязательны для того, чтобы это было идеальным рабочим местом. также я бы хотел и отдыхать в кабинете, поэтому там будет маленькая софа в углу. мне нравятся картины, поэтому я, вероятно, повешу несколько с красивыми пейзажами на стену. чтобы сделать кабинет уютным, я поставлю цветы на подоконник.

я хочу, чтоб в моей кухне было все необходимое оборудование – печка, холодильник, миксер. мне нравится, когда шкафы не занимают много места и красивые по дизайну.

много красивых растений и цветов будут украшать лужайку перед домам, и много полезных фруктовых деревьев будут расти в саду позади него.

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1.they are in the school, aren't they?  

2.they aren't at home? are they?  

3.they do exercises, don't they?  

4.she can sing, can't she?  

5.he doesn't like soup, does he?  

6.there are a little bear, aren't there?  

7.it is a cake, ian't it?  

8.you will go to the cinema, won't you?  

9.you can't swim, can you?  

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Поставьте альтернативные вопросы к предложениям, пользуясь образцом.
пример: he plays (football/volleyball). – does he play football or volleyball?
1. she prefers (theatre/cinema).
2. they are fond of (pop/rock).
3. he can speak (english/french).
4. they were in (great britain/the usa).
5. my sister will be an (engineer/economist).
6. our sportsmen lost the game on (tuesday/wednesday).
7. the teacher invited the students to the (lecture/meeting).
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переделайте предложения в разделительные вопросы.
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2. she sang to the jazz band.
3. a good party will change your mood.
4. we get new feelings and emotions when we travel.
5. we don’t study the night sky in rainy weather.
6. these things interest him.
7. this gallery was formed of small private collections.
8. he gave us some other examples.
9. they will buy some tickets for the new show.
10. it’s fine to rest after a week of work.
11. they won’t find this book in the library.
12. they have collected old musical instruments.

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2. collecting old things has always been his hobby.
3. she looked for this writer at the college library.
4. drawing was his favourite occupation.
5. he plays the piano very well.
6. you will find professor briggs in room 9.
7. they were reading books on history.
8. she was sad after the talk.
9. my mother was fond of poems.
10. they will use photos instead of pictures.
11. jane prepares for classes in the hostel.

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4. people buy detached houses a long way from the centre.
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6. we painted the built-in closet light grey.
7. meg and sam invited their friends to the housewarming party.
8. the hostess offered him a glass of juice.

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