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Нужно из етих слов придумать и написать предложение - hotdog, you, would, like, bonzo, a?

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Ответ разместил: Гость

live here and now

eat right

do not forget about the rest

follow the rules

behave yourself

Ответ разместил: Гость

2. was меняем на has

3. is be меняем на was

4. ate меняем на eaten

5. being меняем на be

6. is playing меняем на is being played

7. by меняем на with

8. writting меняем на written

; )

Ответ разместил: Гость

are they your friends? -yes, they are

is he your brother? - yes, he is

can he ride a bike? - no, he can't

do you want to play with the ball? - no, i don't

does she roller-skate well? - no, she doesn't

does your friend want to play the piano? - yes, he does


Ответ разместил: kazbek6

would  you  like а  hotdog,  bonzo? - хочешь хотдог, бонзо?


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