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Даны пословицы: 1) a friend in need is a friend indeed(друг познается в буде); 2)don't look a gift horse in the mouth(даренному коню в зубы не смотрят); 3)to kill two birds with one stone(за двумя зайцами погонишься ни одного не поймаешь)-описать жизненную(любую)ситуацию по
вот этим пословаицам на

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1.to live in city conditions

2.to solve problems surrounding environments

3.to threaten life of people, to endanger life

4. pollution of the water environment

5.air pollution

6. destruction, wildlife destruction

7.beauty of a rural landscape 

8.shortage of natural resources

9. suitable, not dangerous to drink

10. to be used as a garbage dump

11.to carry out tests of the yadery weapon

12. industrial and nuclear wastes

13 fish are exposed to radiating infection

14 to leave places of the dwelling

15 to merge a waste to the blizzhayshy rivers

16strongly spoiled a statue

17 nuclear power plants

18 to deteriorate, fail

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ответ: 1) leyla is late never for school

2)saturdays they play usually on snooker

3)nurzhan his forgets to do homework sometimes

4)karen always helps with mum the housework

5)alice often goes to bed late

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ann-she, helen-she , mum-she, bob=he   ben-he,dad-he, box-it,stick-it,pets-they,dogs-they

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if you have a best friend you can always rely on him. if you have trouble, he will always be there and always help.

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