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present continious

    +                                 -                                             ?

i am reading an interesting book now. i am not reading any book now. am i reading now?

you are swimming at the sea now. you are not swimming anywhere now. are you swimming now?

he is playing football now. he is not playing hockey now. is he playing now?

she is sitting at the table now. she is not sitting on the sofa now. is she sitting now?

it is slipping in the bad now. it is not slipping everyday. is it slipping now?

we are walking with friends now. we are not walking in the street now. are we walking now?

they are listening the teacher now. they are not listing lesson now. are they listening now?

past simple


he did it very well   i slept for two hours   i went to italy last month

we played football     you did the right thing   we were on holiday

she was really angry   the boys stayed at home   i went to the cinema yesterday evening               we had breakfast an hour ago


she didn’t help me     they weren’t with us   we didn’t play tennis yesterday

i didn’t drive a car last week   we didn’t play computer games

she wasn’t in a good   health.   we weren’t lazy   they didn’t fall in love with each other     i didn’t believe him


    did you see her yesterday?   was she at home?

did he go to school?     did they sell their flat?   were they disappointed?

did we show a good result?   was he ill?   did you make your own website? were they with you?   did they come to the party

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you can give her some money

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лучше будет сказать:

part-time merry (funny) baker.


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2. tom and jim like riding. .

3.i like watching.

4. she likes

5. helen likes

6. fred likes doing..

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