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Вставьте пропущенные слова: myself, himself, itself, themselves, yourself, herself, ourselves my friend, jill, and i took ( to aquarium on sunday. jill and i saw many kinds of finish, a seahorse and even some penguins. i bought ( a stuffed penguin at the gift shop. then, jill took a picture of ( next to a giant octopus! an aquarium worker named jim introduced ( and answered the questions. we learned that octopi project ( from danger in many interesting ways. for example, an octopus can protect ( by changing colours to blend in with its surroundings. they are amazing animals! would you like to take ( to the aquarium?

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1.her parents don't let her go to discos.

2.my parents always make me wear school uniform.

3.we like to cook tasty dishes  very much.

4.i would like   to go to the cinema.

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they learn how to add numbers to them (and  не подходит по смыслу или же пропущено еще какое-то слово)

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hello! i have got a lot of friends! a love my friends! but i have got the best friends! he is very clever and beautiful and friendly! i like him!

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1. ourselves

2. myself

3. herself

4. himself

5. themselves

6. itself

7. yourself


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