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Эссе на people's power in unity, ​

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1) я занят мытьём моей новой машины.

2) бесполезно снимать все эти деньги.

3) мы хотим поменять эти старые монеты.

4) мебель в этом магазине дорогая.

5) он готов внести деньги в этот банк.

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1. at christmas they often give mary presents. 2. she likes her friends. 3. i've got a tortoise, i feed it with vegetables. 4. it is singing lovely. 5. we feel so lonely, stay with us. 6. we don't like to walk our dog. 7. he overslept this morning. 8. "who is speaking? " "it's me, ann." 9. may i give you a good piece of advice? spend more time with your son. you can help him much. 10. they went to see their friends. 11. where are my glasses? has anybody seen them ? 12. you  spend too much time playing football. 13. is jane at home? can i speak to her? 14. the hole on your pullover is getting bigger. you should mend it . 15. we are good friends, aren't we. 16. mrs. smith went home because she was tired. 17. give jane this watch. give her that watch too. 18. is this miss broun's watch? - no, it isn't. 19. you can take the horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink. 20. is it a boy or a girl? 21. take my dictionary, it is better. 22. would you like some fish? - yes, please. it is very tasty. 23. australia is one of the five continents, but it is much smaller than the other four.

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my  favourite sport

my  favourite sport is tennis.i have tennis lessons every  saturday morning  at my local sports   centre .in the summer i play tennis with my  friends every day.i like tennis  because it is great fun and you do exercise at the same time.

you need  a racet and special tennis balls to play. there are two players  or four players.i   sometimes  play   with my dad.he is terrible and i always beat him.

my   favourite  tennis player  is rafa nadal from spain .he is very toung  and very strong.i don*t like lieyton hewitt  because is very rude and ugly.

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nowadays, there are differing opinions about whether sport makes people truly united or not. some claim that sport unites us, whereas others challenge this view. in my opinion, sport helps us be closer. firstly, if one does any kind of sports and is keen on it, there is always an opportunity to invite friends who can join it. this may help individuals form a team, hence, communication and understanding has a chance to happen among them. secondly, with the help of sport teammates will have a desire to support each other. thereby, it will make them truly united and cement their friendship. however, some argue that sport does not allow people to become connected. it sometimes causes conflicts between people, especially when they lose. furthermore, they accuse one another of setbacks and become divided. besides, it takes a big amount of time to do trainings. therefore, sportsmen spend little time with the family and friends. this often leads to lack of communication and does not contribute to unity. nevertheless, i disagree with this point of view. conflicts between teammates do not occur because people do sport, they arise because of their traits of character. if they are ambitious and sensible, sport will enable them to unite. moreover, members of the family should take interest in sportsmen’s achievements and support them, which will strengthen their relationships. in conclusion, despite the opinion that sport does not help people be closer, i am sure that it makes them truly united.  

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