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Сочинение в виде письма на анг. яз на тему,, как я провел свой учебный ​

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1)who you children

2)whot these oranges

3)how your favourite sport

4)where your new shoes

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1. very important questions are touched upon in this article.  2. no positive agreement has not been achieved yet.  3. company targets are determined every year.  4. the companies in europe traded exceptionally well during the year  and new products were represented.  5. all relevant information about the meeting will be provided)in advance.    

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1) why is she sleeping?

2) when do they come from school?

3) how often does tom play tennis?

4) who gathered many mushrooms?

what did they gather?

5) where have the ivanovs come recently from?

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ann-she, helen-she , mum-she, bob=he   ben-he,dad-he, box-it,stick-it,pets-they,dogs-they

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