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5. speakerb. match the words.6. bizarre7. opposing8. bounce9. inflatable10. speed11. cricket12. ice-skating13. longa) jumpb) pitchc) freakd) activityteamaroundg) ballh) rink​

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1) he like big clocks too. (он любит большие часы тоже) 

2) he likes nice cats too. (он любит симпотичных кошек тоже) 

3) she likes funny rabbits too. (она любит смешных кроликов тоже)

4) she likes green crocodiles too. (она любит зеленых крокодилов тоже)

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1) i enjoy talking to clever peopl .

2) we can't begin to tell you how much missed you.

3) she hates borrowing money from.

4) she doesn't  mind to look after the children.

5 ) he forgot to call his friend in the morning.


1) this letter was received after his departure.

2) have you ever been atacked by the dogs?

3) chocolate and ice-cream are being sold by the man.

4) honey is gahered from flowers.

5) the piano was brought into the room.

6) steve has been told about this .

7) the ship is being driven against the rock by the storm.

8) you will be shown the way by the little boy.

9) pupils are taught many iseful things.

10) by whom was the circulation of blood discovered?

11) he was caught.

12) machines are moved by electricity.

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did you find it?      

did your friendgive to you it?

did you wrehe get it?

what is it?

wrehe you do keep it?          

  do you like it?                                                                          


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i like when the weather is warm and sunny.because at this weather you feel yourself very healthy, happy and comfortable.especcialy i like when we have the sun in winter because it's unusual at this time and unfrequent.and esspecially when the weather is sunny you can go for a walk with your friends of course if it is your holiday at that day.there are   times   that you feel bad and as the sun comes out you ginger.and last what i want to say its that this kind of weather warms you with its rays.

вот надеюсь тебе сойдет я сама  

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