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1. as a little boy he sang in the streets. 2. his parents died when he was ten years old. 3. he went to live with his uncle. 4. he used to walk long distances to hear famous organists. 5. for his little son, friedemann, he wrote a song of little preludes. ответьте это правильно или нет вот ссылка на тест 2

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можно написать о общении на улице с незнакомцами, о этикете общения, что вы делаете в случае того, если вас кто-то спросил о чём-то и ваши при этом действия.как проводятся экскурсии и какие обязанности экскурсовода, зачем нужны бы это написала, но вам

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    if  i had the  opportunity,  i would like  to visit norway.  norway  is one of my  favorite countries,  so  i'm sure  i'll enjoy my trip.

    as far as you know norway is situated in northern europe (the western part of scandinavia).  a large area  of the country  is beyond  the arctic  circle, that's why the weather is really cold there.

    landscapes  in norway are  amazing. have you ever seen  norwegian fjords?   norwegian fjords can be considered  as the world's top tourist attraction. also i would like to visit the north cape. the north cape is  the northernmost point of europe. it's situated at the place where  the norwegian sea, part of the atlantic ocean, meets the barents sea,  part of the arctic ocean. you can reach the north cape  by   road through the very long  underground tunnel, named the north cape tunnel.  there are exhibitions in the underground tunnel about  the north cape's long history as a destination for travellers.  there is also a vast selection of items to choose from in the exciting souvenir and gift shop.

    also norway is well known for its fairy tales about trolls. trolls are  fantastic  creatures living  in the woods. there is  a famous  mountain road  in norway called the troll's path (trollstigen).

    well, i think that's all i wanted to tell you about the  place  i would like  to visit. i really hope to  see it  with my own eyes.

п.с. а сколько слов должно быть? какие критерии? и куда бы вы хотели поехать? (а то я всё про себя написала) sorry for my poor english abilities xd 


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! i study at school number(номер школы). in the classroom(какой класс). my favorite subject is english language . i want to know english because i want to talk fluently in english. yet.


! я учусь в школе номер. в классе. мой любимый предмет язык . я хочу знать потому что хочу свободно разговаривать на языке. пока.

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my name is tanya sedova. my family is not large. there are four of us: my father, my mother, my sister and me. it is an average (средняя) russian family. my father is 50 years old. he is an engineer and he is always busy. my mother is a housewife. my sister and i are students. i am a student at the teacher’s college, and my sister is a future economist. our mother always says: “you are too different to choose the same profession.” she is   right. we are different, but we love each other very much.


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