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1. as a little boy he sang in the streets. 2. his parents died when he was ten years old. 3. he went to live with his uncle. 4. he used to walk long distances to hear famous organists. 5. for his little son, friedemann, he wrote a song of little preludes. ответьте это правильно или нет вот ссылка на тест 2

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modern schools give us all the technical opportunities to use them for our education. but does this circumstance have negative sides? let's take a little bit more determined look at the problem of computers at school and whether they should or shouldn't be banned.on the one hand, computers at schools are neccecary, that's for sure. informatics' classes, presentations and other aspects of multimedia innovations (not that it counts as innovations currently, but still), electives & other extracurricular things. on the other hand, using school public computersfor your own business, which has nothing to do with school itself, must be limited. first of all, internet access. social networks and most importantly siteswith m-rated content need to be banned at the computers which are used by pupils (same for teachers and administration, but that would be too impertinently for that kind of composition : d). secondly, i see no point of using computers between classes, but that could be okay with teachers permission. not onlycomputers are what we should worry about, though. wi-fi at schools needs to have a password, too. because, well, does sitting on vkontakte while classes help alearning process? i don't think so.in conclusion, i can say that computers have to be at school, but must use only in educational aims.

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в сельзком   доме 

  маленький старец  у окна стоял

глядит медленно   подпрыгивает   заяц

и стучит в дверь

мне   сказал он

или охотник застрелит меня

входи заяц будь   со мной и   счастлив будешь ты


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corn, courgettes, garlic, mushrooms, pulses, broccoli, aubergine, asparagus, parsley, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower


  water melon,oranges,apples, grapes, lemon,   bananas, mango,   bluberies, kiwi fruit, strawberries.

это все основные овощи и фрукты которые я   знаю и которые самые распростроненное 

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1)have they readed the book?

2)has she seen the film?

3)has he met mr jackson?

4)has she had lunch?

5)has businessmen   arrived?

6)have i bought the castle?

7)have they   been to india?

8)has he been to england?

9)has she been to london?

10)have they been to moscow.

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