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Exit test (modules 1-10) 7 класс. ! 25

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1.if you work ’ll pass your exam. d)hard. 2. would you like to drink? a)something 3. you can your knowledge of english if you read more. b)improve 4. it is often quicker to travel by train than by bus. is cheaper.    a)in addition to, 5. what subject at the university is ? b)the most difficult
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1) activities
2) facilities
3) friends
4) independent
5) abroad
6) residence
7) loan
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возьми фото и   опиши   всю свою семью.лишних получи !  

this is my family.i have a mother,father,sister,grandmother and tow grandfathers.you can see my mother,father,sister and me on the photo.my mother's name is juliya.she is thierty-two! my father's name nick.he is thirty-eight.my sister's name liana.she is two.

and this is me.my namy is am ten.i am a pupil and i love my famely very mach.

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good luck

можно бы поискать, ведь подобные аттестации уже есть в интернете


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