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Определить кинетическую и потенциальную энергию, которую затрачивает ученик при подъеме с 1- 5 этаж​

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запишите адрес на конверте. куда: бергэлей-роуд, лондон, 17, линда сильвестер.не забудьте записать свой адрес.


перевод же нужен был? )

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for me, school is a second home, because here i have a lot of friends, good teachers who will always help, here i can get new knowledge.


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Вговорится, что предмет либо красный (значит круглый, исходя из условия), либо белый (значит прямоугольный, из условия). значит предмет может быть а.прямоугольный белый, и б.круглый красный. остальные варианты противоречат условию.
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1.what is the car? 2.what are the cats? 3.what is the pen? 4.what are the apples?

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Перевести: misha: can i ask you something, mr grams? mr grams: of course, you can. what is it? misha: i get a lot of questions from my friends from school in russia. they want to know how to learn english. mr grams: english isn't too difficult. everybody can learn it. your english, for example, is very good. misha: oh, thanks, mr grams. but i started to learn english when i was really
young. a lot of my friends think that it's too late to start now. they have only four years left (у них осталось всего 4 года) before they finish school. mr grams: it's not too late. four years is more than enough. if your motivation is good, you'll soon make progress. misha: what will they have to do then? they don't have enough money for private schools and trips abroad. mr grams:
they don't have to do those things. but they'll have to work on their english as often as they can. first of all, they should buy a good dictionary, because they will have to read a lot of books. but they shouldn't start with english newspapers or books which may be too difficult for beginners. they should ask their english teacher for adapted versions of english books when they read, they should start a
vocabulary notebook and write down all the new words with the translations. it is very important to write down examples of the sentences with the new words too. when you do that, you can remember the place of the word in the sentence, which prepositions or articles go with it, and remember it in context. misha: should they watch films in english? mr grams: they can try, but they shouldn't get upset if
they can't understand anything. they'll have to watch the same film again and again until they understand better. it is also a good idea to get a copy of the same film in russian. misha: is that all? mr grams: oh, no. they should listen to english cassettes and repeat things after the speakers. that will improve their pronunciation and their ability to understand. misha: but they are always listening to
our teacher. her english is very good. isn't that enough? mr grams: unfortunately, it isn't. they have to listen to different accents. if they always listen to the same person, they won't be able to understand other people. so if they aren't able to talk to native speakers, they'll have to use the cassettes! misha: and what about grammar? they learn a lot of grammar rules by heart. mr grams: you don't
have to do that. grammar is very important, of course, but they have to use it, not simply learn the rules. however, they should learn texts and songs by heart. then they will have longer phrases, not only words in their memory. misha: thank you very much, mr grams. you're my favourite teacher. mr grams: that's very kind of you, misha.
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