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Nbsp; state the type of voice in the sentences. (определи тип залога в следующих предложениях.)1.  i  have made  this chair myself.  2.  oranges  are used  to make marmalade.  3.  the building  was ruined  by the earthquake  4.  the parcel  will be delivered  tomorrow.​

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to restiet,to contribute,to implement

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а рифлектэ, регджирэл.


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i am writting to tell you about my school.

i teach in (твой номер школы).

it is a better school,which was founded in (год основания твоей школы).

in me school we teach history,math, chemistry, biology, foreignlanguages and

otherinterestingthe subject.

i can't say which is my favorite,but i like english and physical education

on english lessons , we teach new words ,sing a song , read interesting books

i like  physical education because a love sport , i like to play football,basketball,volleyball.

i think my school is the best school in our city


больше фантазии нет,извините )

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1. active voice

2. passive voice

3. passive voice

4. passive voice

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