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Предложения со словами : anyway – во всяком случае, в любом случае book a holiday/ vacation – забронировать отпуск cost a fortune – стоить целое состояние brochure - брошюра overnight flight – ночной рейс hurricane - ураган instead (of) - вместо finally – в конце концов, наконец worried - взволнованный complain about – жаловаться на complaint - жалоба

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zoo is the one of the most exciting entertainment  on the earth.i find it kind of interesting because i am interested in animals and like nature.as i live in the city i cannot see a lot of rare animals anywhere but at zoo.i'm sorry for animals as they lost their freedom,everyone has a right to live free life and animals should live in wild life but what to do to ill animals? zoo is their chance to be alive and have wonderful life.they are in cage but the are loved.they are in cage but they have a lot of conditions like real ones.i can understand greenpeace but i want to give a chance to people to learn more about nature and one more chance to live for weak animals.

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1)have they readed the book?

2)has she seen the film?

3)has he met mr jackson?

4)has she had lunch?

5)has businessmen   arrived?

6)have i bought the castle?

7)have they   been to india?

8)has he been to england?

9)has she been to london?

10)have they been to moscow.

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  do you have a garden? - yes. we have a garden

do you often work in the garden? - sometimes i work in the garden but i don*t like it

do you plant trees every year? - no. i don*t. we have a lot of trees there. we don*t need to plant trees every year

do you have fruit trees and flowers in your garden? - yes. we have fruit trees: apple trees. pear trees. cherry trees. and plum trees and a lot of different flowers

do you enjoy working in the garden? - no. i don*t. i hate working in the garden

do you want to be a gardener? -no. i don*t want to be a gardener.

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1)i cook biscuits to my husband every weekend.

2)everything in her was beautiful.

3)"everybody can do this" says she.

4) do you want to go with me?

no, thanks.

5) nobody was behind him, "it's really strange" says marko.

6) nothing was good at the party, at all party was terrible!

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