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Вставить предлоги. ​. хотя бы половину

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did they go out last night?

can you help me?

when is peter going on holiday?

i went to the cinema last night.

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hello, my friend! how are you? i would like to speak about ukraine's newspapers and magazines. i think, sometimes they are very interesting, but sometimes they are very dull.

my favourite newspaper is ¨fakty¨. i like it because it is informative and contains interesting stories. what do you think about ukraine's newspapers and magazines? what is your favourite magazine? it is very important for me to know your opinion about it.  

see you soon,

твоё имя.

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made huge impactexemplified

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1.my aunt is extremely found  of animals though sometimes she isn't  enough kind to her children!  

2.my uncle  looks after his horses carefully    but he doesn't keep them    here .

3.fortunately we  are going to visit  his farm in the countryside next week  .

4.tomorrow my cousins  are going to visit  him there (tomorrow)-возможно положение tomorrow  как в начале, так и в конце предложения)

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