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9классраскрыть скобки в правильной форме.​

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Ипоиск новых видов энергетических ресурсов
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The princess lay down and slept for 20 years.
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лишние слова подчеркнуты

1.i want to get by a good result in my exam.

2.you can't miss my house; it's opposite of the market.

3.my teacher who has been helping me to prepare for my exam.

4.i like golf, but my friend he is mad about it.

5.it's hard to understand him because of his pronunciation is bad.

6.at the end of the day i was been made to do my homework 

7.i was so nervous that i could not stop a shaking

8.when she was young she used to be work for pocket money

9.when she finished the school she decided to study law

10.she was too much tired to go out with us 

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he can notwritestorieson tuesday10

he can notseerussia for theenvironment.

henotbe able to send200postcardson thursday.

he can notmake99largecakeson sunday.

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