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Canada is located in north america. it is the second largest country in the world, but the population of the country is only about 30 million people. most of the population is concentrated along the southern bor- der, in the cities such as montreal, ottawa and toronto. canada is an independent country, though formally elizabeth ii, queen of the united kingdom, is recognized as head of state. the country consists of two territories and ten provinces. there are two official languages in canada -english, which is the language of about 60% of the population, and french. the majority of french-speaking population is concentrated in the province of quebec. the country is mainly agricultural. it is well known as an exporter of wheat and oats. it is also rich in natural resources. it is one of the main producers of electric power. ответити на вопрос. по 1. where is the country situated? 2. what is the size of the country? 3. what are its main cities? what is the capital of the country? 4. where is the majority of the population concentrated? 5. what is the most important sphere of economy of the country? 6. is the country rich in natural resources? what are they? 7. who is formally recognized as head of state in canada? 8. what is the official language of the country?

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snake  cow        tea   coffee    sugar    lemon  chandelier

змея   корова   чай   кофе   сахар лимон люстра

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two bears, two elephants, five parrots, three tigers, four foxes

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this summer was one of the best in my life. in early summer, i went to camp with friends. there i met new people. we sang songs, met the dawn, sat by the fire and just had a good rest.

the summer was very hot. my friends and i went to the lake every weekend. we swam, sunbathed and fished. i learned to dive well.  

at the end of summer, i went to the village to my grandmother. there was very fresh air and delicious fruits and berries.

time flies very quickly. it is a pity that it is impossible to repeat those moments and feelings that you experienced during the holidays. but i believe that next summer will also be unforgettable!


это лето было одним из лучших в моей жизни. в начале лета я ездил в лагерь с друзьями. там я встретил новых людей. мы пели песни, встречали рассвет, сидели у костра и просто хорошо отдыхали.

лето было жарким. мы с друзьями ездили на озеро каждые выходные. мы плавали, загорали и ловили рыбу. я научился хорошо нырять.

в конце лета я поехал в деревню к бабушке. был свежий воздух и вкусные фрукты и ягоды.

время летит быстро. жаль, что невозможно повторить те моменты и чувства, которые вы испытали во время каникул. но я верю, что следующее лето также будет незабываемым!

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1 children

2 animals

3 monkeys

4 rhinos

5 oxen

6 deer

7 geese

8 deliveries

9 potatoes

10 tomatoes

11 photos

12 videos

13 paws

14 teeth


1 nieces

2 meals(meal)

3 children

4 knives

5 dishes

6 potatoes

7 teeth

8 mice

9 walls

10 women

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