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Vi. раскройте скобки, употребив нужную степень сравнения. 1. this house isn’t very (modern). i prefer (modern) houses. 2. these tomatoes don’t taste very (good). the other ones taste (good). 3. it’s years since i saw such a (bad) game. that’s the (bad) game i’ve seen for years! 4. you don’t have enough sleep, you should sleep (much).

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i very much love autumn. leaves in the autumn drop out. it to be pleasant to me when i pass and underfoot those fallen down, yellow leaves creak. in the autumn weather changes, becomes more cool. all children go to school. вроде бы правильно перевел. граматических ошибок нет

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1. какой твой любимый предмет в школе?

ответ: my favorite subject is любимый предмет

2.какой твой любимый учитель в школе. почему?

ответ: my favorite teacher is (имя учителя). becouse is (потому что он или

3.в какое время ты обычно кушаешь в школе?

ответ: at school i usually eat at (время) o'clock.

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hello my dear yana. my name is lena mozgovaya i'm 12 years old. i'm living in donetsk. i have a two brothers their names is valik and jenya they are under 20 years old. natasha and sasha my grandma and my grandpa. they're under 60 y.o. well, that's all what i can tell about my family. please send me your answer as soon as you can and tell me about your family. bye, your lena.


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1 modern,more modern

2 good,better

3 bad,the worst

4 more

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