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Сочинение из этих слов : sportsman , run , olympic flame , yellow , greece , home of olympics , symbol , important. из этих слов надо составить маленькое эссэ про олимпийские игры то есть опишите эту картину с этими словами. это .

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1. what

2. why

3. where

4. when

5. who

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once upon a time , there was a cat and a dog who lived in a small house.one day the cat said to the dog, '' this place is too small for us- we need a bigger house''. the dog agreed. ''we could even have a garden where i could bury my bones ''. ''well, i'm not sure the garden is a good idea'', said the cat. ''who would cut the grass? '' ''we could employ a cat to do it'',   said the dog. ''why not a dog? '' said the cat. and so they   never left the small house because they couldn't agree.

last summer we went to the seaside for two weeks. unfortunately, we haven't booked an accommodation before we went, and we had an awful   time finding a room to stay in the only room we could find was very small , but it had a lovely view of the sea and was only two minutes from the beach.  the weather was very hot, and on the first day i stayed out too long. i got a terrible sunburn and had to stay in bed the next day. after that. however, everything went well and we had a wonderful   holiday.

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1. was
2. gave
3. died
4. called
5. began
6. got
7. were
8. sent
9. put
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