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Спометкой «не делать» сделать тоже. так же прошу указывать время, в котором находится предложение с пассивным залогом. решение по частям точно рассматриваю, но в приоритете будет полное.

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1was it always difficult to travel by plane? 2 are many seats on planes needed for goverment representatives and army people? 3 wasnt mr brown a very important person? 4
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1 f) a terraced house

2 b) a flat

3 a) a cottage

4 g) a semi-detached house

5 d) a bungalow

6 c) a mansion


1 what would you like to speak about: houses or shopping?

i'd like to speak about shopping.

2 did you do your homework or
play the computer games last night?

i did my homework last night.

3 are you doing this exercise at school or at home?

i'm doing this exercise at home.

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1. he lives in pushkin street.

2. they stayed in st. petersburg for five days.

3. we saw a lot of well-known pictures in this museum.

4. my father works from morning till late evening.

5. ann has never been to the tower of london before.

6. could you tell me how to get to westminister abbey?

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his / her birthday is in october.

he / she likes her birthday.

he / she invited guests to her birthday party - он/онапригласилгостейнаденьрождение

the guests will come in the evening. they’ll give him / her cards and presents.


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