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Спометкой «не делать» сделать тоже. так же прошу указывать время, в котором находятся предложения с пассивным залогом. решение по частям точно рассматриваю, но в приоритете будет полное.

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in the future i wish to be a mechanical engineer. it is the future profession which i wish to aspire for. the profession itself is very difficult, it requires the knowledge of the principles of physics, maternal sciences, which is used for analysis, of  design, of manufacturing, and of maintenance of mechanical systems.besides that is requires a general understanding of core concepts such as of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis.  mechanical engineers have to use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering  and product lifecycle management  to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport  systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices  and more.it is a job that requires the knowledge in many fields. and although it may be a hard one, i will work work and study hard to become a mechanical engineer!

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1.if i lived in america, i would visit disneyland

2.if i am an artist, i will be very popular

3.if i were a president,  i* d change a lot of things in our country

4.if it were sunday today, i would  spend it with my friends

5.if i know english excellent, i *ll get a good job abroad

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1. they can not do this work themselves

2. you may take  my dictionary.

3. you don't look well, you should consult the  doctor.

4. why would i give you my money?

5. she can not  speak any foreign language.

6. he ought to help them, they  need his help.

7. can you tell me the time?

8. may i go with  you? no, you may not.

9. your daughter needn't  have told about it. 

10. in winter we can often skate.

11. you must not miss your  classes.

12. could you play the piano before?

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1. - has he  already come?

-yes, he has . he  came  an hour ago.

2.- has she read the book?

-yes, i  have read  the book. i  read  it two days ago.

3.  has she translated the text?

-yes, she  has translated the text. she translated  it ten menutes ago.

4. - have they met  the teacher?  

-yes, they  have met  the teacher. they  met  him five minutes ago.

5. - has he bult  a bridge?

-yes, he has built a bridge. he  built it ten minutes ago.

6.  - have they had  lunch?

- yes, they  have had  lunch. they  had  lunch ten minutes ago.

7.    has the taxi come ?

- yes, it  has come . it  came a minute ago.

8. - has he ever  seen  red square?

- yes, he  has seen red square. he  saw it two days ago.

9.- has the lesson begun?

- yes, the lesson has begun . it  began five minutes ago.

  10.- has it drunk  the milk?

- yes, it  has drunk the milk. it  drank the milk two minutes ago.



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