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3read the text again. number the events in the correct order. a he climbed down into a narrow canyon. b he climbed and walked out of the canyon. c he tied a cloth around his arm. d he went to blue john canyon. e he wrote a book about his experience. f he tried to move the rock from his arm. g he cut off his own arm. h he slowly drank his water and ate his food. i a helicopter rescued him.​

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is he good at math?

was she there last year?

were they hungry when they arrived?

are you nice to work with?

is it pleasant to deal with him?

is this book hard to get?  

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1) granny   has lost   her glasses. 2) i’m very tired, because i have been running   for 2 hours. 3) look! i have drawn   the beautiful picture. 4) му clothes are dirty. i have repared  my car 5) she has been translating this text sinse morning 6) i have been to india 

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1. рефлектор

2. мягко *r* реджиали

3. мягко *r* респект

4. тае(немножко с э)

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d a f h c g b i e


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всего исходов 4*4*3*2*1 = 96.

положительный исход равен 1.

вероятность равна 1/96

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