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Напишите оценка зависит письмо на у друга болит живот, голова и он устает надо посоветовать ему что делать примерно 80 слов умоляю

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new year - a terrific holiday!   all decorated and everywhere flames, the house in the middle of the room grows prickly tree.  people in the new year become kinder and happier.everyone is busy with preparations for the celebration.  looking for decorations for christmas trees, the very tree, presents under the christmas tree.  children write letters to santa claus and anxiously waiting for the holiday.i like this winter festival is much more than a summer's day of birth.  because all my friends happy, and we give gifts to each other, and walk together on the tree.  this year we had three trees in the school and two more we arranged themselves, their family.  and that's not counting the very new year's evening!   i liked absolutely all trees.  each memorable in its own way.  the theater was a wonderful spectacle, a movie we watched the new year's fairy tale, high school students in the school gave us a jolly holiday with sweet gifts.  the most exciting time in the new year is by its own parish.  well, i have not allowed to sleep until twelve at night.  true, the previous two times, my brother fell asleep, but this year it worked out!   it was so solemn.  on television, the spassky tower began to beat the clock, we all stood up and congratulated each other on new year and all kissed.  then cut a big cake and ate a piece.  the street was very nice, the whole city roared salutes firecrackers and fireworks.  we went outside and burned 10 of bengal candles.  on the morning under the tree were gifts.  santa claus again outsmarted us and bring them when we were asleep.  but we were a younger brother tried so hard to watch for it! but my mother said that he and the magician, that no one appears, and all other clauses dressed.  then i asked my mother what she believes in what you do not see it.  she said that the air we also do not see, but it does not mean that it is not.  it is a pity after all that we have not seen this santa claus.  let's try another time.happy new year!

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1)big raindrops.

2)to rain heavily.

3) an anxiously hole.

4)to blow strongly.

5)a deep sea.

6)dark clouds.

7)a pole lamp.

8)street light.

9) an rocky cliff.  

10)to wait rough

надеюсь все правильно.

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ther is a zoo in our town. it is big. there are a lot of animals in the zoo. the are wolves,foxes, elephants, zebras, bears an some others. on sundays parents with their children go to the zoo. children like watching animals' life and feeding them.

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