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Решите (на ) do the sums 1: 6+2=?

2: 9-1=? 3: 5+1=? 4: 3+2=? 5: 10-1=? 6: 3-2=? 7: 6+4=? 8: 8-1=?

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1. she

2. he

3.   this

4.   you

5.   our

6. their

7. them

8. they

9.   it

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the heading tells us where i am and when i am writing.

43 hill road

newcastle, uk;     ne 3889 v

march 31, 2007


2) is it situated in the top left-hand corner.3) the second line.4) address is given in the first line of the heading. the house number comes first.5) zip code is given before the name of the country.

6) in the russian way of placing the date the day comes first before month.7) the first part of the letter, i.e. the greeting, is used to say hello! yes, it is written in the way we write this part of the letter in russia. no, we don't.8) body follows the greeting. it is the main part of the letter.9) there are 3 paragraphs in the body. the first lines of each of them  are indented.

отметь, как "лучшее решение",если несложно простым кликом!

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1. i usually travel four times a year. 2. i go away for three-four weeks. 3. i prefer to stay in my home country. 4. i like to travel by bus. 5. i prefer to travel with my friends. 6. i always prepare my holidays in advance by reading guidebooks and studying maps. 7. it depends on the season of year, but more frequently i prefer the mountains. 8. i take my large rucksack with me. 9. usually i don't take a lot of things with me. 10. actually, i am an active holiday-maker. i don't like to be a couch potato. на 100 % верно. могу даже учителю твоему объяснить, если будет возражать. отметь 5 звездочками, . я проходил грамматику по murphy, advanced. =)) заранее.
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