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look at the title and the pictures in the text. where can
someone play paintball? does it hurt if someone hits you? do video gamers take part in tournaments? listen and read to find out.
я не знаю что там нужно делать!
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my mother’s name is olena vasylivna.she is 90 years old.my father is three years older, he’s 93.his name is serhiy mykolayovych.

they are both former doctors.

they loved their job very much, and  they spent a lot of time at hospital.their colleagues and patients respected them.  i am proud of my great-greandparents and love them.  my great-greandmother plays the piano and sings  very well, and my great-greandfather is an excellent  story­teller.and they are always ready to under­stand me.

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january 1-3 - new year

january 7 -christmas

the date changes every year - easter

february 23 - the day of motherland protector

march 8- international women's day

april 12 - astronaut's day

may 1- labor day

may 9 -victory day

june 12 - independence day

november 4 - the day of national unity

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1)always i go  to  school  by bus.2)sometimes he does the washing-up.3)what  time  do  you  usually  getup? 4)ann  never  goes  to  bed late.5)i  go  to  the  club  at  half  past seven.6) how    do  you  usually go to  school.

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1) in paintball we can to play in large buiding, field or wood

2) yes, it hurt, because it paintful sometimes

3) yes, they do a part in tourments


да, тут надо прочитать текст и ответить на вопросы . вопросы лёгкие. 1 о том где (место) играют в пентболл 2- больно когда стреляют пентбольным оружием и 3- делают ли видео игроки в соревнованиях

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