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When did you star going to school? ответьте на вопрос ​

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1. they can not do this work themselves

2. you may take  my dictionary.

3. you don't look well, you should consult the  doctor.

4. why would i give you my money?

5. she can not  speak any foreign language.

6. he ought to help them, they  need his help.

7. can you tell me the time?

8. may i go with  you? no, you may not.

9. your daughter needn't  have told about it. 

10. in winter we can often skate.

11. you must not miss your  classes.

12. could you play the piano before?

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  закрытый тот, в котором гласная между двумя согласными как в hit, а отрытый - тот, в котором только одна согласная слева - hiили напр final -> fi nal - первый слог - открытй ударный, второй закрытый безударный.немое e - тот, который не произноситься fate -> fa te но te читается как просто t

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1) how many pupils in our form?

2) how many will be british girls and boys in barbara`s class this year?

3) does elizabeth like her new textbooks?

4) where are the girls from?

5) when did mike invite you to england?

6) why you were happy to get good marks in french?


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i started to go to school from 2009 in september


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