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What would you like such a house to do in the future? why? say or write a few sentences

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Complete the following sentences with a, the or no article. 1. mr. black has got car. car is very old. 2. browns bought new house. house has big kitchen. kitchen is very nice. 3. i met farmer yesterday. farmer was happy. 2. use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. use the present continuous or the present indefinite. 1. look! a cat (run) across the stadium! 2. she (be) a good pupil. she always (do) her work well. 3. be quiet, please! i (think) about this problem. 4. i (think) he will invite you to the party. 3. write a tag sentence. (e. g. today is monday, isn’t it? ) 1. they are having lunch, 2. they have lunch, 3. there are apples in the basket, 4. you think i’m wrong, 5. you think he is right, 4. write the plural. 1. i like to write (letter) to my (friend). 2. there were three (woman) at the bus stop. 3. i never watch soap (opera), but i often watch (documentary) 5. correct each sentence. 1. i always know him. 2. have you read the part two? 3. she just saw the film. 4. the williams usually have three meals the day. 5. it is no snow in the street. 6. write what they have just decidedto do. use the future indefinite. buy call explain invite look 1. tim wants to come to the party. – ok. we him. 2. we haven’t got any vegetables. – ok. i some tomatoes. 3. bob doesn’t understand this exercise. – ok. i it to him. 4. nick has a headache. i the doctor. 5. i can’t find my textbook. can you help me? – ok. i for it. 7. make negative sentences. 1.they sent the letter yesterday. – 2.he became famous. - 3.they used to go there. - 4.they had to take a taxi. - 8. write sentences using used to. he got up at 6 o’clock. - they invited a lot of people. - she made tasty cakes. -
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