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Eput the adjectives in the correct
h. read the essay and answer the
21 my brother has got a new black smart
22 we saw a beautiful glass small blue vase
in the shop
23 she keeps her books in a(n) brown old
wooden bookcase.
24 there is a german red large car in the car
25 it was a metal long strange object
(petsegood or bad?
5x2 10
everyday english
f. match the sentences (26-30) to the
responses (a-e).
26 is that all? thanks, john.
27 hey, what's wrong?
28 can you help me?
29 now, click on 'no'
30 then what?
a now, open the file.
b done it. what's next?
c no problem
d certainly
e i can't print a document.
having a pet
can be fun and enjoyable. but
is keeping pets a good or bad
pets can be good company
for people who live alone and
for children. children always
enjoy having a cat or dog to play with. what is
more, having a dog around the house makes
people feel safe. also children learn to become
more responsible by taking care of a pet.
on the other hand, it is not always easy to have
a pet. many people get a pet without realising
the money and time they have to spend in order
to keep it happy and healthy. moreover, pets
need care and attention every day and they
may feel lonely when their owners work long
hours or travel a lot
all in all, having a pet is a great experience
however, people should be absolutely sure that
they have the time to take proper care of their
pet before they get one.
g. translate sentences a-e from ex. f.
36 who are pets good company for?
37 how can having a pet help children?
38 what do pets need from their owners on a
daily basis?
39 what problem do pets whose owners are
often away from home have?
40 what should people think about before
getting a pet?
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меня зовут аня.мнесемь лет.яживув городе.у меня естькошкаисобака.я умеюкататься на коньках,на роликахи петь.я не умею плавать.я люблютеннис.

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i liked ice cream

i liked cake

i liked juice

i liked apple

i liked tea

i am player game

i am player basketball

i am player football

i am player phone

i am player tennis

i went cookie

i went food

i went play

i went tea

i went cookie

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its a very unusual day today, because it 1. is so quiet at home. my mother and father 2. went to my granny three hours ago. now i 3. am doing my homework. sometimes it 4. is very difficult , but i 5. like to study . i 6. study english and russian. ten minutes ago i 7. was looking/looked outside. the boys ( подойдет и are и were) in the garden . boys usually 9. like to play football there.  

now i can see a young man. the man is standing at the window. he is smoking a cigarette. two people are talking to a postman. what are they talking about ? i think, they are speaking about the letter. the postman brought it an hour ago.


в зависимости от того в каком ты классе времена могут быть сложнее

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а)растениям в низких температурах - сброс листвы, это система регуляции и запас воды (жидкостная система)  и  растения могут впадать в состояние сна,способность к закаливанию,морозоустойчивость и т.д

у животных из «приспособлений» только шерсть, мех, да жир - вот, собственно, и всё. но зато какие! у собак есть помимо шерсти подшерсток, он переносить низкие зимние температуры. птицам перья, за счет того, что они имеют пористую структуру, и выступают замечательным теплоизолятором.

б) растения  длинной и разветвленной корневой системе,  доходящей до грунтовых вод; другие растени  для уменьшения испарения воды покрыты опушением, имеют узкие кожистые листья с сильным восковым налетом;

животные  выработывают механизм регулирования температуры тела;   крупные животные пустынь, такие как антилопы и верблюды свое тело, выделяя пот чтобы не перегреться; мелкие животные активны лишь ночью.


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