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These are photos from your photo album. choose one photo to describe to your friend.
you will have to start speaking in 1.5 minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). in your talk remember to speak about:
• where and when the photo was taken
• what/who is in the photo
• what is happening
• why you keep the photo in your album
• why you decided to show the picture to your friend
you have to talk continuously, starting with: "i’ve chosen photo number… "

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1. мне приносит невезение плохое настроение2. удачу приносит мне хорошее настроение


1. i bring bad luck bad mood2. success brings me good mood 

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financial problems in the family  the problem of finance in almost every family is a red stripe, no matter how high the total income of the family. how many would not have earned the family, the question always arises, what to spend money and how to divide them. therefore, with great confidence we can say that the financial problems of the family - this is the psychological problem of the relationship of the spouses.  usually the man earns more than women, and it is by its nature is the head of the family breadwinner, the provider. in a family where financial matters in charge of a man, woman and it approves, as a rule, fewer problems than in those families where the woman tries to take the initiative into their own hands and dictate their terms.  it is very common this problem: the woman, earning less (sometimes more), take your money personally its money that it spends only on himself, and the money her husband believes in common.  men, women see this attitude very often hide their true income to be able to independently manage their money and, just like women, spend it on themselves.  clearly, such decomposed are not the norm and lead to a large family problems. how to solve these problems?   the solution can be only one - arrangement. very often, problems arise when this arrangement is simply not present. one of the partners is itself one thing, believing that the financial issue should be solved in some particular way, the other says another.  there is no single right solution is unique distribution of funds in the family. must be all the money in general or each live on only what he earns - depends entirely on the personalities of the spouses, how they so agree.  wrong can be just the lack of understanding and following of this misunderstanding, mutual claims and determine the priority in household expenditure. as a rule, the problem is not how many family earns, and how it spends its money.

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•our inform    wants to   protect the   environment.

•  we fight against water and air    pollute

•are you unhappy with the ecological situate  in your region?  

•send us some organise  about it and we`ll try to help. 

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