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D. look at the pictures and write questions and answers. use the prompts give and the present perfect simple
4maulen and samat/try
5your brother/break

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was born

have been living


will move

have regretted

are reminded


are having



are playing

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мой любимый герой шрек! я люблю смотреть мультик с участием шрека! шрек мне нравится-у него много друзей,он добрый,справедливый,где-то смешной и милый,в целом хороший герой! когда я в первый раз увидела его на картинке,мне стало интересно посмотреть этот мультик! узнать про него побольше,а когда посмотрела то поняла,что шрек настоящий друг! он всегда приходит на и выручает своих друзей, им во всём и если надо то целом мультик про шрека хороший! всем кто его ещё не смотрел, советую посмотреть не !

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Baobab - a kind of tree.  baobab - one of the thickest tree in the world.  the average circumference of the barrel in the baobab is 9-10 meters, with the height of the tree is in the range of 18-25 meters and the diameter of the crown reaches 40.from october to december baobab blossoms.  flowers in the baobab large, white with five petals.  they are disclosed in the late afternoon and last only one night.  in the morning the flowers wither, acquiring an unpleasant putrid odor, and fall off.following the developing fetus, which resemble cucumbers coated with a thick hairy skin.  inside the fruit are filled with pulp with black seeds.  the fruits are edible.because of addiction to them baobab monkey called "monkey bread tree."the average life expectancy of baobab "only" 1,000 years.local residents have been used almost every part of the baobab.  from its rough bark produce fiber for the manufacture of fishing nets, ropes and fabrics.  from the ashes of the bark of baobab are quite effective medicine against colds, fevers, dysentery, heart disease, asthma, toothache, insect bites.young leaves are added to salads, used as dry spices.  young shoots are boiled like asparagus.flower dust used to make glue.baobab - a treat for elephants.  african giants eat them almost entirely, not just the leaves and branches, and trunk. the oldest baobab 6,000 years    
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everyone agrees that unless tiger population is protected ,they will become extinct.if it were not the efforts made by international campaigns the extinction would already have become a fact.it is time to cooperate and help to animals otherwise the future will be sad.supposing there were no tigers left in the world: how would we all feel? !

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