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Read the text again . write correct vertebrate group(s) for each statement час до ​

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Have you watered the flowers yet? (water/already/yet)1. we have just washed off graffiti from all the houses in our street. 2. my dad is happy. i have helped   to rake the leaves in the garden.3. i have got five excellent marks at school today.4. i can go to the cinema now. i have already learnt  the poem.5. my brother  has been playing   tennis since  2 o’clock.6. i have been playing the violin for two hours. 
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1) missed

2) hated

3) doesn't wash

4) is explaining

5) didn't discuss

6) have finished (если проходили презент перфект,если нет, то просто finished)

7) gets on

8) make

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ин зе фёрст фото ви си джейнс мозе бекоз ши лукс лайк кейт энд джейн.

ин зе сэконд фото ви си билл бекоз хи хэз хиз фазерслонг нойз энд дарк хэйр.

ин зе фёрд фото ви си кейт и джейн бекоз зей аэ твинс энд хэв гот блю айс энд дарк хэйр.

ин зэ фоур фото ви си зейр фазер бекоз хи лукс лайк билл энд хаз гот лонг нойз энд дарк хэйр.

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1) granny   has lost   her glasses. 2) i’m very tired, because i have been running   for 2 hours. 3) look! i have drawn   the beautiful picture. 4) му clothes are dirty. i have repared  my car 5) she has been translating this text sinse morning 6) i have been to india 

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