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fill in the gaps with one word only. use lowercase tags

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designing in 10 years.

choosing a career is like any other activity; it is best to work to a plan. too many people start looking for a specific job before thinking out their occupational aims. it is a good idea to begin by attempting to define what are your requirements from a career. this will help to take a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses. you may think for example, that you would like to have a job which involves organizing people, but liking such a job is not enough if your experience suggests that this is not your strong point. on the other hand, you should remember that training will help you to learn new things. but anyway firstly you have to try to work out a realistic set of requirement. in particular, you can answer some important questions. first: what kind of life do you want to have? for example, do you want to live in the country or in the town? is leisure time of great importance for you? is the size of your salary important? do you want to put down roots or travel widely? second: what sort of work do you want to do? for example, do you like working alone or with others? do you want to develop new ideas? as for me, i have already decided that my future profession will be connected with computers. that's what i wish to do in life. computers have a powerful impact on all aspects of modern life. they are an essential component of modern life: they provide intelligence in such everyday objects as cars and washing machines, and control large systems such as power grid. it is not a news that the 21st century is promised to be the century of computer science development. so, on the one hand this occupation seems to be perfect for me – a person who likes everything to be planned and to be put into the right order, but on the other hand i discover some problems about devoting my life to computers. for example, i know that i am a family person and warm-hearted family relations are more important for me than any techniques. and thinking about my future the first things i dream of are a loving husband and two kids. my fear is that i won't have enough time for my family. i think that woman was created to keep the house and that's the area i want to succeed in. nevertheless, being skilled in interesting job is also necessary for me. after graduating from university i will have many opportunities to use my computer science skills in software companies, communications, business and commerce, banking, local government and education.to be a well-prepared specialist i should have some important qualities: to have a certain aim of what and how to do, to be open-minded, to be able to accept the ideas opposite to my own, to be tough, to have problem solving skills, good knowledge of science and of course knowledge of foreign languages. to my mind it is very hard to have the whole number of these characteristics but i try to develop some of them more and more each day.


so, i am thinking of being a designer. i really like to make something new and cool. designer as a job is not easy - it requires a lot of creativity and work on your own. but more skills you have and more fantasy you put in it - better are the results. having a basic knowledge - i can be a cloth designer, interior designer or any other type of artistic design. i really like it and i think it will be a good profession for me.


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[t] used, fished

[d] farmed, killed, travelled, lived, played

[id] collected, hunted, visited.

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people all over the world are fond of sport. sport activities are very important for the growing organism of a child. children showed not neglect this fact.

there are many sport clubs that they can join us. light athletics gives much opportunity to those who go in for it. it includes track field events: running, long-jumping, high jumping, discus throwing and others.

many children are fond of ball games: basketball, volleyball, football. they are so exiting. besides they are played all year round. children like to take part in the competitions to see who is the quickest, the strongest, who can jump best, who is the best swimmer or player. pupils in different classes hold competitions in different kinds of sport. many boys and girls show good results. all the competitions and games are very popular with the pupils. a lot of fans always come to watch them.

my favourite sport is basketball. basketball is a wonderful sport. it; s a good exercise too. it makes us strong and healthy.

to become a good sportsman you must train a lot. if you want to be good at something you have to work hard. practice makes perfect.

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1 i am not ambitious at all.

2. kate is mean a bit.

3. henry is a quite tolerant person.

4. toby is slightly shy.

5. my brother is quite impatient.

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