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Speak out pre intermediate quick check test 1b

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1. is your house had break?

2. is he your best friend?

3.  is here had an old castle?

4.  is this castle visited by tourists?

5.  when to you has said the truth?

6.  who has painted a picture ''the sunflower''?

7.  is a space examining by astronauts?

8.  what to them has still offered?

9. is thief has arrest by this police officer?

10.  is a window maybe be open?

11. is this work can be done?

12.  is this writer writing a new book?

13. is he known, as a talented musician?

14. why they wear a funny clothes?

15. which language used in thailand?

16.  is a medical treatment for a cancer can be opened?

17. is he has won?

18.  is climate changing?

19.  why the public needs to be warned about it?

20. is this brilliant the biggest in the world?

21.  do you like, when shout on you or talked about you?

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i was asked by teacher.

my mobile phone was stolen last month.

the clothes are made by china.

he was injured by dog.

dog was found by me.

this shoes will be bought by my friend.

i will be invited to the party.

book will bu used  by me.

bus is stopped for me.

his leg was broken on accedent.

poem was written by w.sheakspear.

my key was lost by father.

room will be cleaned by my sister.

house was sold by our neighbour.

my father`s car will be repaired in workshop.



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mark hey, jenny. why are you standing there? (are you watching) someone?

jenny yes, look - mandy and shaun 2 (are talking).

mark oh, yes, and mandy (are smiling). what (are they saying)?

jenny i'm not sure. i can't hear.

mark shaun never (speaks) to mandy.

jenny yes, he does. he sometimes (jokes) with her in class.

mark he (is leaving) now, but she (is not going) with him.

jenny mmm. very interesting!

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in russia player is football and basketball

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