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Should teachers have to wear uniforms or have a dress code ? write an essay to support your choice and to persuade the other students to vote for your choice.
чи повинні вчителі носити обмундирування або мати дрес-код? напишіть есе, щоб підтримати ваш вибір та переконати інших учнів проголосувати за ваш вибір.

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1. many people are afraid  of spiders.

2. my friend ali is really good at english.

3. but he's very bad at maths.

4. i am really interested in nature programmes on tv.

5. my brother is keen on collecting stamps.

6. i'm very proud of improving my english.

7. i'm worried about global warming and the environment.

8. this table is next to the window.

9. the box is under the table.

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удали,,мой ответ.я не знаю как

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1. did we read this yestarday? - past simple.

2. i do not like to work in the garden every day. - present simple.

3. he goes to this supermarket very often. - present simple.

4. sue will meet him. (предложение не закончено, я предположила, что здесь future simple, если нет, дополните).

5. we played tennis last month together.- past simple.

6. yesterday henry bought a new car. - past simple.

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1) what do you want? i want some tea 2) who is playing the drums? he plays the drums very well 3) when do you leave the house 4) what are you doing? i'm doing my homework 5) what are the boys singing at the moment? they're singing an old song

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