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Say who likes/hаtеѕ dоіng іt. (поговорите о том, кто чем любит и совсем не любит за
watering plants
underwater diving
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Ilove september, first. this my favourite number! i love this month! it is favourite not only me but also all children and teachers. we одтыхаем three months. after such одтыха you dream of autumn. the yellow leaves which are falling to the ground quietly and lovely. prevyj september is the beginning of new academic year. and we meet this holiday with special mood. i love september!
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1.i was having a stroll when i saw a car accident 2. when   dad   entered the room   mother was singing а lullaby. 3. she sat down on а chair while he was painting her portrait. 4. when   we / сотеd   from the party   he was listening to   one of his records.

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1)the band isn`t playing tonight. 2)it isn't raining. 3)paul isn`t watching the film.
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sam likes watering plants. sam hates dancing, skating and underwater diving.

vera likes watering plants, dancing, skating and underwater diving.

kate hates watering plants, dancing, skating and underwater diving.

maxim hates watering plants, dancing. maxim likes skating and underwater diving.


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