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Please join us to celebrate the graduation of philip taylor from leeds university.
friday, june 12th at 8.00 pm
drinks, dinner & dessert on broad street , birmington, b12hq.
david and shelley taylor.
сделать все возможные сокращение

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i  like to do  sports.  my favorite  sports -  biathlon.  my idol  - olga  zaytseva.my favorite  sports -  biathlon.  my idol  - olga  zaytseva.  in the winter  i like  to ski.  i like  to ski.my brother is  also involved in  biathlon.  he already has a  lot of  medals  and cups.and  i only have  two medals.  it's  because  i'm busy  biathlon  is not  so long.my dream is  to win the  world championship.

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  do you have a garden? - yes. we have a garden

do you often work in the garden? - sometimes i work in the garden but i don*t like it

do you plant trees every year? - no. i don*t. we have a lot of trees there. we don*t need to plant trees every year

do you have fruit trees and flowers in your garden? - yes. we have fruit trees: apple trees. pear trees. cherry trees. and plum trees and a lot of different flowers

do you enjoy working in the garden? - no. i don*t. i hate working in the garden

do you want to be a gardener? -no. i don*t want to be a gardener.

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1. i never ask for advice .

2. he doesn`t like to give advice

3. it is difficult to follow my doctor`s advice. he told me to stop eating sweets.


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adjective - прилагательное

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