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1. to know

3. to show

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a loyal friend is a friend who will never betray you, who will always be by your side. he or she will never backstab you, and no matter how bad things may seem, they will comfort you and stay by you. this in my opinion, characterizes a true loyal friend. but in reality it is hard to find such loyal friends, because not many people can be so loyal with other people. friends often lie to each other, hurt each other, and may even start hating each other for the stupidest reasons. but if you look hard and wide, then surely one day you will find that one loyal friend who will be by your side the rest of your life. you just have to not give up! that is the key. 

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1. jim is going to eat a pizza.    - what  is jim going to eat?   2. i saw an old friend last week.  - who saw an old friend last week?   3. tom has got a radio.    - has tom got a radio or a computer?   4. jane cleans the room once a week. - how often does jane clean the room? 5. he works in a bank.    - where does he work?   6. i left school ten years ago.    - when  did you leave  school?   7. jill goes to the cinema once a month. how often does jill go to the cinema? 8. i have been a teacher for ten years.  - how long  have you been a teacher?   9. mike is going to cut the grass.  - what is mike going to cut?   10. i saw my grandfather yesterday. - who saw the grandmother yesterday?
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1)an elephant can move it`s ears

(слон может двигать своими ушами)

2)a monkey can show all of it`s teeth  

(обезьяна может показать все свои зубы)

3)a frog can jump high  

(лягушка может прыгать)

4)a girrafe can reach the leaves from the top of the tress

(жираф можетдостать листья с верхушек деревьев )

5)a spider can make a web (паук может делать паутины)

6)a seal can swim (тюлени могут плавать)


butterflies can`t run (бабочки не могут бегать)

mice can`t roar like lion (мыши не могут рычать как львы)

tigers can`t fly (тигры не умеют летать)

birds can not laugh (птиы не умеют смеяться)


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