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Выберите требуемую форму глагола и переведите предложения на язык:
1. if you (typed, type) too much, you (will injure, would injure) your hand.
2. if an accident (happens, would happen) at a workplace, the employer (will bear, would bear losses).
3. if workers (suffer, will suffer) from overexertion, the efficiency (will decrease, would decrease) considerably.
4. if all employees (maintain, would maintain) a healthy lifestyle, that (will prevent, would have prevented) situations causing fatigue and distraction.
5. if he (had worn, would have worn) all the necessary protective equipment, he (will not injured, would not have been injured).

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at the present moment there are 7 govermnent holidays in russia. among them are those left from previous historiс eras and those related to the modern day. there are more days off than there are government holidays.  for eхample, christmas is not a government holiday but it is a day off

the russian word «праздник» comes from праздный or пустой (empty)  and means a day free from work. in fact holidays in a stream of working days are a good time to rest. at the same time they are socially and culturally important allowing generations to pass on traditions.among russian holidays there are official and unofficial, old and new, religious and not, professional and family-oriented ones. at this time non-working days are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of january - so called new year vacation (новогодние каникулы), 7th of january - christmas day (рождество) , 23rd of february - day of fatherland defender (день защитника отечества), 8th of march - international women's day (международный женский день), 1st of may - sprin and labor holiday (праздник весны и труда), 9th of may - victory day (день победы), 12th of june - day of russian (день россии), 4th of november - day of people's unity (день народного единства).

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люди беларусии любят спорт. президент беларусии также играет в хоккей.

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type, will injure

happens, will bare

suffer, will decrease

maintain, will prevent

had worn, would not have been injured

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