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Поставьте глагол в скобках в правильную видо-временную форму (passive voice). переведите предложения на язык.
1. last friday a severe accident (to prevent) due to proper training of the employees.
2. goggles usually (to wear) in workshops and on construction sites.
3. heavy machinery must (to operate) by highly qualified specialists.
4. fewer people (to injure) on the job if employers take charge of their safety.
5. tools that (to inspect) and (to maintain) regularly provide safe working conditions.

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1) убирай britaian- это страна британия а остальное языки 2)christmas это праздник рождество а остольное уроки 3)language это язык остальное время: неделя минута день.4)last это прошлый (прилогательное) остальное счет 11 5 7  


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это сочинение про школу                                                         

school  for each of us the school is the second house. there is also second mother - our first teacher. she taught us to write, read, logically to think. the teacher learns us to be kind, honest, it is correct to communicate, be on friendly terms. the school gives us a support, gives heat and pleasure. every morning we hurry in the light class where a warm smile the teacher meets us. the school is the main step in our life. it builds up character, learns us to treat world around correctly. we find the first true friends in school and the first love. the school is that place where we endure the first pleasures of victories and we try to hide bitter tears of defeats. the school learns us to overcome difficulties and not to stop on the reached. in school passes a set of actions – intellectual, sports and entertaining. such actions do us more amicable, more solid. we will always remember carefree school days, our school house, our teachers and schoolmates who became for us dear people. i am proud of that i study at this school – to school with the history and traditions.

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1.children don*t have to  attend school on saturday

2.children mustn*t  go on ice  across the river in early spring

3.waiters don*t have to discuss these problems with guests.

4.waiters mustn*t speak to the clients in such an impolite manner

5.nurses don*t have to    teach children to read and  count

  6.nurses mustn*t  ignore children

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1. we are reading an interesting book at this moment.

2. she is listening to the music in her room now.

3. he is working in the garden with his son now.

4. they are discussing a new film now.

5. i am eating mango now.

6. it is playing with kittens now.

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