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Снадо) заранее огромное : )

файл прикреплён.₽

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my summer vacation was great. i rested on the sea, was a different gorodah.v each city had its own atmosphere. i saw the magnificent structures and buildings, and various monuments. met with various lyudmi.pobyval in very beautiful places. vsego.gulyal bought a bunch of the city at night, it was fine. three months passed quickly and vacation fun. it was an unforgettable summer.

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hi mark,

thank you for your last letter. i was glad to hear from you. sorry for not writing for so long. i have been busy. now i have done my school science project so i have free time again  .i can meet with my friends in any time and i so glad about it! you and i can meet on holidays or next weekend too. and i have a great news. my sister are going to germany. it is new  change programm. sorry, she calls me to help package her baggage. bye!

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there are important problems.

these phenomena are accounted for by the sudden rise of temperature.

those sheep are white.

those women were born in great britain.

i saw interesting films.

these ideas are absolutely new.

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the present perfect continuous

2.-yes,they have living in  at the moment for 2 years

3. he has been waiting for mary more than an hour.

4. they have benn sitting in the garden since dinner time

5. he has been playing tennis since 10 a.m.

6. i have benn learning spanish for 5 years.

7. he has been working for the same company since he left school.

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